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Advances in Production Engineering & Management

Archives > Volume 15 | Number 4 | December 2020 > pp 431–440

Advances in Production Engineering & Management
Volume 15 | Number 4 | December 2020 | pp 431–440


Using a discrete event simulation as an effective method applied in the production of recycled material
Knapčíková, L.; Behúnová, A.; Behún, M.

Technological processes play an essential task in the enterprise's production system. The behaviour and functioning of these systems cannot be predicted with certainty as they belong to a group of probable determinate structures. Generally, if we wanted to know precisely the behaviour of this condition in advance, we would have to be able to describe them mathematically or observe the action of the system on a real object. By applying discrete event simulation software, we realize the development of environmentally friendly products and using the simulation, we gain the certainty that the planned tasks can be implemented in a given time frame, while the simulation of the production process can help to clearly clarify and better understand the processes. To choose the optimal manufacturing ways of cleaning the fabrics component from waste tyres, we used the Witness discrete event simulation software to determine the usability and time occupancy of individual machines in the production of new fabric-based material. We simulated the ultrasonic method of cleaning the fabrics component from waste tyres and the subsequent creation of the test specimen. After the simulation, the obtained data can be used by a selection of type and number of machines and auxiliary equipment, by numbers of tools and fixtures, and by numbers of transport equipment. Obtained results bring the best layout of the workplace, the optimal dose of input materials and resources used in production. We have identified bottlenecks in the machines with long waiting times. The research priority was to reduce bottlenecks and increase the effectiveness of the entire of production line.

A R T I C L E   I N F O
Keywords • Green manufacturing; Recycling; Waste tyres; Discrete event simulation; Witness simulation software; Economic impact; Efficiency; Ultrasonic separation
Corresponding authorKnapčíková, L.
Article history • Received 12 August 2020, Revised 1 December 2020, Accepted 3 December 2020
Published on-line • 24 December 2020

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