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Advances in Production Engineering & Management

Archives > Volume 16 | Number 2 | June 2021 > pp 253–261

Advances in Production Engineering & Management
Volume 16 | Number 2 | June 2021 | pp 253–261


Modelling and optimization of sulfur addition during 70MnVS4 steelmaking: An industrial case study
Kovačič, M.; Lešer, B.; Brezocnik, M.

Štore Steel Ltd. is one of the major flat spring steel producers in Europe. Among several hundred steel grades, 70MnVS4 steel is also produced. In the paper optimization of steelmaking of 70MnVS4 steel is presented. 70MnVS4 is a high-strength microalloyed steel which is used for forging of connecting rods in the automotive industry. During 70MnVS4 ladle treatment, the sulfur addition in the melt should be conducted only once. For several reasons the sulfur is repeatedly added and therefore threatening clogging during continuous casting and as such influencing surface defects occurrence and steel cleanliness. Accordingly, the additional sulfur addition was predicted using linear regression and genetic programming. Following parameters were collected within the period from January 2018 to December 2018 (78 consequently cast batches): sulfur and carbon cored wire addition after chemical analysis after tapping, carbon, manganese and sulfur content after tapping, time between chemical analysis after tapping and starting of the casting, ferromanganese and ferrosilicon addition and additional sulfur cored wire addition. Based on modelling results it was found out that the ferromanganese is the most influential parameter. Accordingly, 12 consequently cast batches (from February 2019 to October 2019) were produced with as lower as possible addition of ferromanganese. The additional sulfur addition in all 12 cases was not needed. Also, the melt processing time, surface quality of rolled material and sulfur cored wire consumption did not change statistically significantly after reduction of ferromanganese addition. The steel cleanliness was statistically significantly better.

A R T I C L E   I N F O
Keywords • Metallurgy; Steelmaking; High-strength steel 70MnVS4; Microalloyed steel; Modelling; Optimization; Evolutionary algorithms; Genetic programming; Multiple linear regression
Corresponding authorKovačič, M.
Article history • Received 3 April 2021, Revised 5 June 2021, Accepted 12 June 2021
Published on-line • 25 June 2021

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