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Advances in Production Engineering & Management
Editor-in-Chief: Miran Brezocnik
ISSN 1854-6250 (print)
ISSN 1855-6531 (on-line)

Published quarterly by:
Production Engineering Institute (PEI), University of Maribor
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Smetanova ulica 17
SI – 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
European Union (EU)
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Papers in print

Papers in print
Advances in Production Engineering & Management
Volume 12 | Number 2 | June 2017

Analysis of corrosion resistance when turning martensitic stainless steel X20Cr13 under chilled air-cooling
Kostadin, T.; Cukor, G.; Jakovljevic, S.

An inventory model with METRIC approach in location-routing-inventory problem
Gholamian, M.R.; Heydari, M.

Quantifying the robustness of process manufacturing concept – A medical product case study
Boorla, S.M.; Troldtoft, M.E.; Eifler, T.; Howard, T.J.

A novel approach of applying copper nanoparticles in minimum quantity lubrication for milling of Ti-6Al-4V
Songmei, Y.; Xuebo, H.; Guangyuan, Z.; Amin, M.

Multi-criteria selection of manufacturing processes in the conceptual process planning
Lukic, D.; Milosevic, M.; Antic, A.; Borojevic, S.; Ficko, M.

Drilling process optimization by using fuzzy-based multi-response surface methodology
Boyacı, A.İ.; Hatipoğlu, T.; Balcı, E.

Vehicle scheduling based on plant growth simulation algorithm and distribution staff behavior
Ren, X.Y.; Kong, Z.F.; Liang, W.C.; Li, H.C.; Zhou, X.Y.

A study on the manufacturing decision-making and optimization of hybrid-channel supply chain for original equipment manufacturer
Zhu, X.D.; Li, B.Y.; Wang, Z.

Concept of intelligent supporting information system for development of new appliances
Ogrizek, B.; Rehar, T.; Leber, M.; Buchmeister, B.