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Advances in Production Engineering & Management

Papers in print

Papers in print
Advances in Production Engineering & Management
Volume 17 | Number 2 | June 2022

A method for prediction of S-N curve of spot-welded joints based on numerical simulation
Yang, L.; Yang, B.; Yang, G.W.; Xiao, S.N.; Zhu, T.; Wang, F.

Sustainability and digitalisation: Using Means-End Chain Theory to determine the key elements of the digital maturity model for research and development organisations with the aspect of sustainability
Kupilas, K.J.; Rodríguez Montequín, V.; Díaz Piloñeta, M.; Alonso Álvarez, C.

Supply chain coordination based on the probability optimization of target profit
Jian, M.; Liu, T.; Hayrutdinov, S.; Fu, H.

A bi-objective optimization of airport ferry vehicle scheduling based on heuristic algorithm: A real data case study
Han, X.; Zhao, P.X.; Kong, D.X.

Ultrasonic abrasive polishing of additive manufactured parts: An experimental study on the effects of process parameters on polishing performance
Liu, X.; Wang, J.; Zhu, J.; Liew, P.J.; Li, C.; Huang, C.

Machinability analysis and multi-response optimization using NGSA-II algorithm for particle reinforced aluminum based metal matrix composites
Umer, U.; Mohammed, M.K.; Abidi, M.H.; Alkhalefah, H.; Kishawy, H.A.

Supply chain coordination contract design: The case of farmer with capital constraints and behavioral preferences
Wang, Y.L.; Yin, X.M.; Zheng, X.Y.; Cai, J.R.; Fang, X.

Numerical study of racking resistance of timber-made double-skin façade elements
Kozem Šilih, E.; Premrov, M.

A Plant Simulation approach for optimal resource utilization: A case study in the tire manufacturing industry
Butrat, A.; Supsomboon, S.